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We have a full grown fully trained ESA available for adoption to a lucky person.


Our puppies are extraordinarily joyful, peaceful and intelligent due to our socialization and health protocols. They play outside in a nature setting and crate together with mom at night for healthy bonding. Our pups have sought after coloring and playful gentle natures! Being was born in our September 2020 litter.


Being is a wonderfully socialized Emotional Support animal and very kid  friendly Doodle. She has what it takes to be a service dog and family dog. She is a 20 pound Cockapoo born into my hands 3.5 years ago as I chanted Sanskrit to her. She has always been well cared for and loved. She is gentle and good with children. She is sensitive and loves attention but is not needy and does not beg for food or attention. Her nervous system is healthy and she is a magical creature. The gift of a companion who’s nervous system is un-traumatized is immeasurable. To be able to entrain to this magical Being is healing in and of itself.

She is happy to sit patiently, resting quietly, for hours until it’s “time to go out”. She loves to go on outings and is happy and well trained to wait in the car as needed. She is 100% potty trained. She is trained and accustomed to: sleeping in her crate 9 hours a night, Playing fetch with a tennis ball, rolling over and she will sit, stay, come, leave it on command.  She is good on a leash and well mannered with humans. She is friendly with other friendly dogs. She will growl at unfriendly dogs. I have never seen her growl at a human. She adores and is attracted to children and elders alike.
Her hair is fine and wooly and matts easily; it does not shed. An occasional wooly fluff can be found in the environment. She tolerates grooming and allows for the process though she is always happy to be done so she can role around and play. She has been homeopathically immunized against all the doggy illnesses. She is de-wormed regularly. She has not been spayed and has never been bred. I am looking for a very good fit for her. The transition process will take several visits and will happen over a few week period. We can meet at our home on Whidbey Island or at the park near the Mukilteo.

Her price is $2,400 and includes guidance and support as well as; a crate, grooming supplies; bedding, food and all necessary equiptment. You will have all of the basics you need for an excellent transition to her new home.

If adopting Being into your life is something you would like to do,

text me. (three, one, zero- thirteen, fifty one)

Dam Gopi

AKC cocker spaniel Gopi
12 inches high 25lbs
A most loving attentive mother
Gopi is tri-color.


AKC Poodle Sire Raja
Moyen 14 inches 21lbs
Raja is a good natured moyen poodle


Being the magical Cockapoo

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