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We educate families about how to support immune function and social adaptability with puppies in an ever changing world. We have a few select doodle puppies each year. We are located just Northeast of Seattle Washington.

These lovely Doodle puppies are $3,000 and come with Immunizations using Homeoprophalaxis (HP), deworming and support for natural healing and puppy kindergarten.





I am trained in home birth midwifery and, while I am not currently practicing, I am happy to offer support and guidance.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


HP for short is the most evolved method I know to educate the immune system to adapt to an ever changing world. It is non toxic and a beautiful way to stay healthy.


puppy adoption

I have a few puppies a year who are cared for in my home and able to be adopted to families looking for a hypoallergenic family pet. Contact me for a puppy application.

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